The Crew

Captain and Photographer Nancy Everds: Nancy is responsible for piloting the Gyrfalcon. Nancy has spent almost her entire life (except brief stints in central Illinois and Indiana) living near and boating on large bodies of water. She and Peter Mann have co-owned boats for the last 20 years, but took the big leap to a much larger boat when they bought the Gyrfalcon. A graduate of MIT, University of Illinois, and Purdue, Nancy is a veterinary pathologist in the biotech world. She also has her 200-ton USCG Master’s License, and holds Red Cross First Aid and CPR certificates. Nancy is an accomplished amateur photographer and a Photoshop geek, and will share her knowledge with those interested in learning.

Chief Engineer, Chef, Birdwatcher, and Itinerary Planner Peter Mann: Peter is responsible for all things other than actually steering the boat. He’s very knowledgeable about systems maintenance for the complicated machinery and electronics on the Gyrfalcon. He also is responsible for most of the cooking, and for doing the detailed itinerary planning. Peter is a graduate of Washington University and University of Missouri, and is a consulting veterinary pathologist for pharmaceutical companies.
In his role as chef, Peter excels at hearty meals such as seafood risottos, delicious grilled salmon, and refreshing salads. Whether you are a vegan or a carnivore, Peter will prepare meals that delight your senses.  Peter also has his 100-ton USCG Master’s License and 200-ton Mate License, and holds Red Cross First Aid and CPR certificates.

Peter is a self-described bird nerd. He enjoys identifying the abundance of resident and migrating species in the Salish Sea.

Itinerary planning is an essential part of our cruises. Within the limitations of the voyage, Peter tries to accommodate wishes of guests.