Follow the Gyrfalcon as we head to Alaska!

After a few weeks on the hard in Port Townsend, we are on our way to Alaska. You can follow our progress on our own page at Predict Wind (shows a chart including our route and a mostly daily mini-blog–see arrow below).  Here’s the website to bookmark:

The chart looks something like this.  Positions are updated only every hour, so that’s why it might look like we went across land (trust me, we did not).  This year’s trip is a continuation of last year’s predictwind page, so the blog entries displayed on the right hand side (e.g., Day 84) are from last year.  Sometimes the mini-blogs update slowly, so you might see a disconnect between the information in the blog and the track.

You can also find our location using Marine Traffic either as a webpage on a PC/Mac or on 0its smart phone app0.  We are classified as a fishing boat by Marine Traffic, which is a bit confusing (but we are not a tug or a sailing vessel).


Right now we’re in Prevost Harbor in the San Juans with 20+ knot wind gusts.  After this front passes, we’re on our way to Canada.

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