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FAQ, part 1

We were at a scientific meeting a few weeks ago with several hundred toxicologic pathologists.  We were asked the same questions about the boat by lots of people.  Since everyone seemed to be curious about the same aspects of the Gyrfalcon project, we thought you all might be interested in...

A Blog pertaining to paint

One of the major activities on the Gyrfalcon these last few weeks has been painting and varnishing. Jeff and his gang from Onshore Yacht finishing are doing a spectacular job. They often work over the weekends, when the boatwrights are gone, so that they can bag off sections of the...

How Nancy and Peter became homeless (for a couple of minutes)

As you know, we have been planning to move onto the Gyrfalcon sometime this summer.  Recent events have modified the narrative path. Our original plan was to put our house on the market in late May, which would have meant that we were ready to move in mid-summer, about the...

The Coach Roof is Done!

The biggest project on the Gyr has been the coach roof repairs. Gordy has been working on replacing the roof and many of the beams and building the cap and the handrails since October. He has done a beautiful job. In the last week or so, the flat surface has...

Renovations, Part 3: January, 2013

The work continues. Scraping: Early in the year, we decided to hire two young guys to help us with scraping the old paint off the newly exposed beams, walls and ceilings. At first we were worried about the effect of the extra cost on our burn rate, and thought we...

Renovations, Part 2 – November-December, 2012

Renovations are finally taking a positive direction. In the past few weeks there seems to be more of the Gyr coming back together than being ripped apart! Here's what's been happening: 1. Coach Roof: The rotten roof has been replaced. The bad areas were much more extensive than originally thought,...

“Before” Party on the Gyrfalcon

We have been telling all of our boating friends about the Gyrfalcon for the last several months. We decided to have a "Before" party - before the renovations were completed, so that folks could come and root around in the boat and give us their advice as to how to...

Is there a tender in your future?

As part of the Gyrfalcon purchase, we also got a 20 foot double-ended-canoe tender. It is wooden with a 10 hp yanmar diesel, a bimini, a full canvas top and a GPS unit. We think it is too large to put on the top of the Gyrfalcon, and it needs...

Renovations Update, Part 1 – September-October, 2012

The paperwork was finalized a few weeks ago—The Gyrfalcon is officially ours.  Repair work started in earnest prior to purchase, and is proceeding rapidly.  The major new developments: The Gyrfalcon has become the Gyr-Egg. The Boys at Lake Union Boat repair built a pole barn over the deck from 2x4s....

Who is Raymond Stanton Patton?

Our boat, fka MV Patton, was named after him.  Patton was a guy who grew up in Ohio, went to Western Reserve University (now Case Western), and joined as a officer in the Field Corps of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.  He worked at numerous locations, including the Philippines...