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2019 July trip to the San Juans Part 2 (days 6 -10)

2019 San Juan Islands Trip – continued   Day 6 (24 July 2019) Echo Bay to Double Island, West Sound, Orcas Island After Echo Bay, we went around the east side of Orcas Island to Double Island on the southwestern side of Orcas. It was a fun trip to Double...

2019 July trip to the San Juans Part 1 (days 1 -5)

This year, our first trip of the season was to the San Juan Islands.  Our goal was to go to a few of our favorite locations, but also to explore some new anchorages as well.  Our guests were the Freemans and the Wisdoms, all of whom have sailed with us...

Winter/Spring 2018 to 2019: Part 2, Other updates

We returned from PT on November 16.  It was good to be back in our slip, but we had one more big project this year, so we headed over to Lake Union Boat Repair, the Seattle shop that has done most of our non-wood work. New mufflers/fiddley cover:  We have...

Winter/Spring 2018 to 2019: Part 1, Haulout and repairs

We had an unfortunate encounter with a rock in Canada in August of 2018.  Like many unfortunate occurrences, a number of mistakes, mishaps, and miscalculations occurred (mostly related to dependence on electronics, distractions, lack of local knowledge, and miscalculations).  As a result, we (1) fixed some navigation problems, (2) became...

Gulf Islands and Victoria 2018

Our long trip during the summer of 2018 was up to the Gulf Islands and to Victoria for the Wooden Boat Festival.  We don't seem to have lots of photos, but we will at least include the route images. 24 August 2018: Ewing St Moorings to Port Townsend Anchorage Our...

Summer projects 2018

During the summer of 2018, we started working on some delayed maintenance for paint and varnish.  The exterior surfaces had been painted as part of the original work we did on the boat 6 years ago.  There were areas of varnish and paint that needed attention.  Our excuse is the...
USC&GS Patton 1967 Last Field Season

2018 BIG projects #2: Sonar removal

The second project was the removal of the sonar structure attached to the hull. Note:  We've revised this part of the blog, as we've gotten more information about the sonar from a previous owner.  It has not been functional as long as we have had the boat, and likely for...

2018 BIG projects #1: Haulout and Destruction and reconstruction; Starboard sponson/guard

We did not haul the Gyrfalcon last year. We felt like we needed a break from big wood projects. In the meantime, we had the anchor winch rebuilt, so it wasn’t like we were ignoring the boat’s needs. There are a couple of large wood projects left on the boat,...

Odds and ends from 2016-2018

2016 to 2018 were busy years. In the beginning of 2017, Nancy returned full time to Seattle after working in South San Francisco for 2 years.  Before her return, we managed to get in a few boat projects between round trips to/from SFO/SEA,  but not as many as we wanted....

Aug/Sept 2017: San Juans, Gulfs, and Victoria Classic Boats

This was our first trip after the installation of the renovated winch was a 12-day trip to the San Juan and Gulf Islands, and to Victoria BC for the Classic Boat Festival. August 25 (Day 1: Home to Port Townsend) August 25 (Day 1): an easy...

The Year of the Winch

Note:  we found some more photos after we had posted this--so if you read this when we first posted, skim through and see the additional photos of the winch project. The anchor winch on the Gyrfalcon is a major piece of work. Built in 1941, it has been lifting the...

2016 Winter Trip to the South Sound (December/January 2016/2017)

Our friends from Maryland, John and Ellyn, came out to Seattle for a leisurely weeklong trip on the Gyrfalcon.  There's nothing quite as relaxing as being in a warm boat on calm seas in the winter in the PNW.  Thanks to John for providing his photos of the trip to...